Benefit and Impact

Oxford Experience, Global Impact

‘Nobody can ignore the wider economic environment. To be more effective in your decision-making, you need economic knowledge, as well as a collection of tools and creative thought-processes to help you react and adapt to the economy. These are the skills that OUBEP teaches.’

Rui Esteves, OUBEP Senior Tutor

Increase your impact

Make better decisions based on an understanding of the workings of the global economy and its interplay with finance, politics, and commerce

Think differently

Develop innovative problem-solving techniques to promote growth and overcome obstacles

Broaden your perspective

Learn from the experience and knowledge of fellow delegates, drawn from diverse international backgrounds and from a wide range of sectors

Expand your network

Build strong connections with senior decision-makers, leaders and experts from around the world

Strengthen the future of your organisation

Enhance your own leadership capability and that of your organisation