What is OUBEP?

Programme Overview

The Oxford University Business Economics Programme is an intensive two-week executive immersion programme based in Oxford. It equips future leaders with the economic thinking needed to understand the external contexts and choices facing business in the modern world.

By combining high-calibre academic tuition, industry-leading keynote speakers, and a diverse group of delegates, OUBEP creates a dynamic space to explore economic theory and applications which can be used to create strategic impact.

Industry Relevance

The OUBEP Steering Committee comprises senior executives representing major global companies, as well as world-leading academic economists. This high-level, practice-oriented governing body ensures that the course programme always addresses rigorous academic content informed by current industry priorities.

Theory and Practice

The core syllabus is focused on economic theory and led by academic economists. The real-world applications of this theory are illustrated by senior practitioners in evening sessions, and discussed in detail in tutorial groups.

Learning at Oxford

The programme follows the ‘Oxford’ format for tuition, including lectures followed by small tutorial-group analysis and discussion. Each tutorial group is facilitated by a faculty member from Oxford’s Department of Economics.

Culture and Networking

Throughout the course you will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of social and cultural activities in Oxford. In previous years these activites have included punting, croquet, dinner at an Oxford college and Shakespeare in the park. These activities cultivate an environment that is not only acadeically stimulating, but also fun. Delegates leave OUBEP wilth not only a solid grounding in economic thinking, but also an expanded professional network and some great memories.

The Programme

To view and download the course programme visit the 2019 Programme Page.

A unique opportunity to reflect on the economic drivers – and business behaviours and strategies – that we all experience, but may not have had the opportunity to study in any depth, or with the benefit of expert tuition.

Ron Gerrard

Vice President Operations and Technology, Huntsman Polyurethanes