At OUBEP, we facilitate a unique space to explore economic theory and its applications to allow individuals to create strategic impact in their organisation. Despite the cancellation of the summer programme this year, we have been able to create new formats to allow for this conversation to take place, on relevant topics and informed by frontier research.

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Past Events

Economics of Discrimination (30 Oct, 13 Nov, 27 Nov 2020) - Read more here
We are hosting three lecturers on the Economics of Discrimination. How does parental income or the lack of, affect a person’s chances of future success? Do banks discriminate when lending? How is Technology impacting changes in the labour market and could contribute to reducing gender gaps or inequalities in access to employment? These are a few of the questions we will discuss, as we explore the findings from our latest research - including how policies translate to strategies and actions – and share real-world accounts of organisations and individuals effecting positive change.

Economics of a Pandemic Breakfast Series (May – July 2020) - view more details, slides and videos here
We held six breakfast lectures on The Economics of a Pandemic. from May to July. The series presented frontier research from the Oxford University Department of Economics and guests on the impact of Covid-19 on the economy. From the effect on the labour market, to start-up employment, as well as the economics of Covid testing and how the pandemic will impact Growth and inequality.

Economics of Diversity (5 March 2020) 
Our Topical Economics Programme (TEP) event in March this year, "Mind the Gap! The Economics of Diversity" coincided with International Women's day. We discussed the different types of diversity gaps, asked how prevalent they are and how costly they are for individuals, companies and economies, particularly in terms of what they cost to innovation and decision making.


Watch the highlights of Economics of Diversity (5 March 2020)