Elizabeth Baldwin


Elizabeth is an Associate Professor in Economics and Tutorial Fellow at Hertford College, Oxford. She works in design of auctions, especially in multi-good settings, generally in collaboration with Paul Klemperer. This work also considers the background theory of how choice should be modelled over multiple indivisible goods. But it also spans practical design, and she has provided consulting on auction design to the Bank of England and the UK Departments of Energy and Climate Change, Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Before becoming an economist, Elizabeth was a mathematician; she received an MMath and DPhil from Oxford University, and also work as a postdoc for a couple of years, specialising in algebraic geometry. She then retrained as an economist, earning the MPhil and DPhil from the Oxford University Economics department. She worked as a postdoc in both the Grantham Research Institute of the LSE, as well as in Nuffield College and the Oxford University economics department, before becoming an Associate Professor there in 2017.