Robert Joyce


Robert is Deputy Director at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. He runs the Income, Work and Welfare sector, which leads the organisation's research and policy analysis on inequalities and welfare policy. He is also a member of the Expert Panel leading "The IFS Deaton Review:

Inequalities in the 21st Century", a £2.5 million research collaboration with Nobel Laureate Sir Angus Deaton and other world-leading social scientists, examining the causes of inequality and what can and should be done about it; and he sits on the Social Metrics Commission, which is an independent Commission formed to develop a new and better approach to poverty measurement. He is a former editor of IFS' two flagship annual

Publications: "The IFS Green Budget", which assesses the Chancellor's policy options on taxation and public spending, and the annual audit and analysis of "Living Standards, Poverty and Inequality in the UK". His own research focuses mainly on various aspects of economic inequality - particularly those related to the labour market - and the design of the welfare system