Topical Economics Programme

5 March 2020

Oxford University Business Economics Programme presents...Mind The Gap! The Economics of Diversity.

Diversity gaps are real and they cost. Individuals, organisations, and economies all suffer as a result of deep-seated inequalities based on gender, ethnicity, culture, social class, age, and more.

Mind the Gap: The Economics of Diversity is an intensive one-day masterclass for senior leaders presented by the Oxford University Business Economics Programme. It aims to offer research-based and economics perspectives on the issues surrounding diversity gaps, their underlying causes, and the micro- and macroeconomic benefits of closing them.

OUBEP Summer Programme

18 July to 31 July 2020

An intensive two-week programme that equips delegates with the economic theory and practice needed to understand the strategic context and choices facing business in the modern world.

Topical Economics Programme

24 July 2020

A one-day Topical Economics Programme (TEP) for senior managers and business leaders.