Summer School Programme 2019

July 2019

The 2019 programme is currently being finalised. The structure of the course will be very similar to previous years, with minor differences in faculty and lecture sessions. Please see the schedule below, or download the full 2018 programme as guide.

2019 Programme guide  
Sunday 14th July

Markets: Efficiency and Taxation

Monday 15th July

Market intervention and the public-policy project

Tuesday 16th July

Private Information: Market Effects and Responses

Wednesday 17th July

Market Power: From Monopoly to Perfect Competition

Thursday 18th July

Corporate Strategy: Applying the Tools of Game Theory

Friday 19th July
Topical Economics Programme

The Topical Economics Programme (TEP) is a one-day intensive course for senior managers and business leaders, led by academics from the Department of Economics and across Oxford University and bringing together speakers and perspectives from industry.

The programme for the 2019 course is provided below.

Saturday 20th July

Behavioural Economics

Sunday 21st July

Auctions and Procurement

Monday 22nd July

International Trade

Tuesday 23rd July

The Macroeconomy: On and Off Equilibrium

Wednesday 24th July

Economic Policy and The OUBEP Debate

Thursday 25th July

Policy In Action: The Macroeconomics Project

Friday 26th July

Lessons From Economics to Business and Government