Fri 19th Jul

Topical Economics Programme

The Topical Economics Programme (TEP) is a one-day intensive course for senior managers and business leaders, led by academics from the Department of Economics and across Oxford University and bringing together speakers and perspectives from industry.

The programme for the 2019 course is provided below.

Topical Economics Programme 2019

AI and the Future of Employment

The Topical Economics Programme day for 2019 is dedicated to how Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of the labour market.

In the first lecture we will discuss the effects of algorithmic management and AI on matching of workers and jobs and how AI may change the work is organized in the future. While most debate about automation focuses on the consequences for low skilled jobs, AI has the power to disrupt the highend of the labour market, particularly in the professions. If technology disrupts all kinds of jobs what will be the future of employment? Will humans still have a chance in the labour market?

The second lecture discusses how AI is likely to transform job quality and how this may impact on workers’ lives and wellbeing. The lecture will go on to consider potential policies to reduce the harmful consequences such as a four-day week or the creation of a universal basic income.

The third lecture completes the sequence by presenting some of the most recent advances in AI and their broader economic consequences. The final session is a topical economics round table. Each of the tutors will present an economic analysis of a major recent economic event. The round table allows the delegates to ask questions to the tutors on these and other economic issues.

The day completes with the set-piece OUBEP dinner in Balliol College.

To apply for a place on the Topical Economics Programme on 19 July 2019 please download and complete the Application Form available at the link below:

Topical Economics Programme 2019 Application







Director’s Welcome and Senior Tutor’s Introduction



Algorithmic Management and AI: Threats or Opportunities? 


Otto Kässi



Syndicate Discussion



The Future of Job Quality and Wellbeing 


Alex Wood



Break, followed by Lunch at 12:30



Syndicate Discussion



Job Market Competition: Robots, Software, and Immigrants


Richard Freeman



Syndicate Discussion



Round Table: Beata Javorcik, Michalis Rousakis, Petr Sedláček



Depart Egrove for a formal College Dinner



Drinks Reception followed by Dinner in Balliol College at 8:00