Economics of Post-Crisis Recoveries Videos and Slides

Online Lecture Series: January – June 2021

Online Lecture seriesEconomics of Post-Crisis Recoveries Series

22 January 2021 – 18 June 2021

Sponsored by J. Stern & Co.

If you missed our online lecture series, Economics of Post-Crisis Recoveries or would like to watch any of the lectures again, you can view them all here.

During this lecture series we asked the following questions,

  • How did economies recover from severe downturns? And why it may be different this time?
  • Will globalisation turn into nationalism?
  • How did central banks and governments respond and what does this mean for our wallets in the future?
  • Is there a green lining of the pandemic cloud? What are the chances of green growth going forward?
  • The pandemic forced many changes on businesses and individuals. How have people reacted to forced experimentation in the past and what will stick from the current pandemic?


Each online lecture lasts approx. 45 minutes and is followed by a 15 minute Q&A session with the economists.

Seminar videos and slides 

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