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'The Economics of Discrimination'

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(Hosted by OUBEP in partnership with P&G)

An Online Seminar on the Economic Impact of Discrimination Across Our Society.

How does parental income or the lack of, affect a person’s chances of future success? Do banks discriminate when lending? How is Technology impacting changes in the labour market and could contribute to reducing gender gaps or inequalities in access to employment? These are a few of the questions we will discuss, as we explore the findings from our latest research - including how policies translate to strategies and actions – and share real-world accounts of organisations and individuals effecting positive change.

Each lecture will be an hour, followed by a 30 minute panel discussion where delegates are encouraged to ask questions and interact with a panel of industry leaders.

Friday 30 October (12:30pm GMT)
‘Race and Economic Opportunity’
David Williams (Opportunity Insights, Harvard University)

Friday 13 November (08:30am GMT)
‘Discrimination and Bank Lending’
Ralph De Haas (EBRD)

Friday 27 November (08:30am GMT)
‘Technology Innovation, Inequalities and Gender’
Michelle Rendall (Monash University)


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About the Programme

The Oxford University Business Economics Programme is an intensive, two-week development experience for the next generation of senior leaders.

By combining high-calibre academic tuition, industry-leading keynote speakers, and a diverse group of delegates, OUBEP creates a dynamic space to explore economic theory and applications which can be used to create strategic impact.

OUBEP: The Ultimate Leadership Accelerator

Benefit and Impact

Create Global Impact

Foster a new way of thinking

Broaden Economic Perspective

Establish a first class network


Course Tutors: Faculty members from the Department of Economics at the University of Oxford support individual learning throughout the programme and facilitate discussion and analysis.

Lecturers: First-class economists selected from a variety of academic and industry-based organisations expand on theoretical ideas and provoke new thinking.

Guest Speakers: Distinguished industry-leading keynote speakers join the programme in the evenings to provide topical examples of economic theory in practice. Previous speakers have included representatives from the European Central Bank, the European Commission, The Economist, major infrastructure projects, pharmaceutical companies and a variety of NGOs.


Delegates are carefully selected to create a diverse and international forum bringing perspectives and experience from every sector and continent.

They are typically high-potential business executives and senior decision-makers in policy-making and NGO roles, who have a minimum of five years’ leadership experience.

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