Oxford university business economics programme

OUBEP equips future leaders with the economic thinking needed to understand the external contexts and choices facing business in the modern world.

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The Oxford University Business Economics Programme equips business leaders with rigorous economic theory and its application in order to navigate their current business challenges and inform strategic decisions.

Our carefully designed programmes vary in depth, length and experience so don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss which one would suit you or your organisation’s needs better. 

Summer programme

Economics for Business Leaders: The OUBEP summer programme is an open-enrolment executive programme designed to equip future leaders with the tools they need to drive new thinking and ideas. Based on the principles of the original OUBEP summer school launched 70 years ago, the format has been updated and adapted for modern business life.

It is delivered as a hybrid programme, comprising online lectures and an intensive residential week in Oxford, or can be experienced fully online. Both options allow you to explore economic theory and its real-world application so that you can better understand the challenges and choices that today’s businesses face and the impact of those choices on the wider world.

tailored programme

We work with individual businesses and teams to create tailored programmes that bring an Economics lens to key strategic issues for the organisation. Our academics and clients co-design the content and learning experience, combining lectures and tutorial-style discussions with case studies, projects, and debates according to the culture and objectives of the client.

Research at The
cutting edge

One of the key pillars of OUBEP is cutting-edge economic research embodied in the Economic Department of the University of Oxford. Our academics are world-class experts conducting frontier research on a broad range of topics. These include, for example, developing frameworks to quantify access to justice, using machine learning to improve refugee resettlement, studying committee structure and communication to better understand monetary policy, or using large-scale datasets to identify the importance of entrepreneurs for the macroeconomy. 

The next generation
of senior leaders

The senior business leaders of tomorrow will need to develop an understanding of economic theory and its practical applications so that they can make informed decisions at critical moments.

Our programmes use cutting-edge research to provide delegates with deeper insight through immersive learning and group discussion.

At OUBEP, we facilitate a unique space to explore economic theory and its applications to allow individuals to create strategic impact in their organisation. We curate online seminars to share world-class research on topics of high relevance to business leaders (Sustainability, Diversity and Equality, the Covid crisis and the recoveries)

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