OUBEP equips future leaders with the economic thinking needed to understand the external contexts and choices facing business in the modern world.


OUBEP is committed to showcasing the latest data and research to help the next generation of business leaders develop new ideas that can overcome today’s economic challenges. We run a core summer programme, regular seminar series and also run tailored programmes for businesses.

Our core summer programme follows the ‘Oxford’ format for tuition  – timetabled lectures followed by small tutorial-group analysis and discussion. This immersive programme is the ideal way to explore cutting-edge research in real-world context.

In 2020, we launched a series of online seminars in response to the restrictions caused by the pandemic. These shorter sessions allow us to reach a wider audience and share our cutting-edge research as it is published and generate discussion on current events as they unfold.

We are now launching several tailored programmes covering topics that specifically align with the business objectives that our delegates and their organisations are prioritising.

A unique opportunity to reflect on the economic drivers – and business behaviours and strategies – that we all experience, but may not have had the opportunity to study in any depth, or with the benefit of expert tuition.

Ron Gerrard, Vice President Operations and Technology, Huntsman Polyurethanes

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Established in 1952, OUBEP is Oxford’s oldest executive education programme. It was founded by a group of business leaders during the period following the Second World War – a time of immense political, economic and societal change.

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Steering Committee

The OUBEP Steering Committee comprises senior executives representing major global companies, as well as world-leading academic economists.

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At the core of the Oxford University Business Economics Programme is an intensive, one-week development course for the next generation of senior leaders. By combining high-calibre academic tuition, industry-leading keynote speakers, and a diverse group of delegates, OUBEP creates a dynamic space to explore economic theory and applications to help solve problems and create strategic impact.

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