Petr Sedlacek

Senior Tutor

Petr is a macroeconomist with a particular interest in the vast heterogeneity among workers and firms. He is fascinated by the question of how worker and firm heterogeneity interacts and how it shapes, and is shaped by, the aggregate economy. His research combines empirical analysis of micro-level and aggregate data for macroeconomic questions and theoretical and quantitative models with heterogeneous agents.

Petr is the senior tutor for OUBEP and as such curates the academic programme and content for all seminars and the summer programme.

Petr Sedlacek's seminars

At the core of the Oxford University Business Economics Programme is an intensive, one-week development course for the next generation of senior leaders. By combining high-calibre academic tuition, industry-leading keynote speakers, and a diverse group of delegates, OUBEP creates a dynamic space to explore economic theory and applications to help solve problems and create strategic impact.

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OUBEP curates an immersive, rich and intense experience for participants. At its core, lies a combination of outstanding teaching with tutoring sessions in smaller groups. Participants are also able to take advantage of networking opportunities around drinks and dinner or whilst taking part in typical Oxford activities.