In Conversation

In depth discussions with business leaders and economists

The Economics of Post-Crisis Recoveries Series

22 January 2021 – 18 June 2021

Sponsored by J. Stern & Co.

In Conversation with… is a new OUBEP series where we invite business leaders from a wide range of expertise and sectors to reflect on a topic with our economists from the Department of Economics in Oxford.

For this first session, we were delighted to host J.Stern & CO. Chief Investment Officer, Christopher Rossbach in a 3-part conversation with Hamish Low, Associate Head of Department and Michael McMahon, professor of Economics,  at the Department of Economics, University of Oxford, to discuss the short and long-term impact of COVID on the Economy as well as some key lessons learned.

The conversation took place early March, in parallel with The Economics of post-crisis Recoveries lecture series.


The pandemic has created a world-wide recession which has exacerbated existing inequalities. During the conversation the participants discuss this ‘deliberate’, even ‘desirable’, recession and reflect on how governments need to change in their long-term policy making in order to create a more equitable economy of the future.


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